What Harford's teachers need

November 08, 2011


I would like to rebuke statements attributed to me in the article, "Harford Teachers Seek Raises, Respect," Friday in The Aegis.

The article states that I said that teachers need "more respect from the community and more money to feed themselves and their children."  I made neither of those statements.  What I did say was that respect must come in the form of time and money — time for teachers to do their jobs well and money for the resources to allow them to do their jobs well.  Decisions that must be made for that to happen are not in the hands of the community.

I have always felt supported and embraced by the Fallston community, and while there were those who spoke eloquently about financial hardship, my speech was focused on asking those in charge of making budget decisions that will help us be more effective, productive teachers to think about how and where the money is being spent.

Brenda S. Haupt 

English teacher at Fallston High School

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