Dining review: Republic Noodle near Cross Street Market

(Baltimore Sun photo/Kenneth…)
November 08, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

For this week's weekend dining review of Republic Noodle, Kit Waskorn Pollard subs in for John Houser III.

Republic Noodle opened in September just south of Cross Street Market in the Riverside neighborhood. If you walk by Republic Noodle when it's closed, a roll down security door makes it look like a discount tennis shoe store. Not so, Republic Noodle is a fine little BYOB, serving a manageable pan-Asian menu.

The owners are David Lynch and Christopher Boylan, and the chef de cuisine is Henry Hong, formerly of Suzie's Soba. Houser has broken bread with Hong, as have I. Enter Kit Pollard.

Here's her review of Republic Noodle.

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