More on Edsall's UConn comparison: fan reaction

November 07, 2011|By Jeff Barker | The Baltimore Sun

Maryland football coach Randy Edsall was asked during his Sunday media conference call about how he responds to losing -- essentially whether he has faith that his program, which has lost five straight, will be a winner.

"I've been through all this," Edsall said.

He then referenced two previous experiences -- a period as an assistant coach with the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars and his early years as head coach of Connecticut.

As you know, Connecticut was transitioning to Division I-A in Edsall's early years at the school. He was hired in 1999. The Huskies were 4-7 in 1999 and 3-8 and 2-9 the next two seasons. The team steadily improved after that.

Many readers reacted strongly to Edsall's comment on Sunday that "This is Connecticut all over 13 years ago." He made a similar comment on his Terps radio show earlier in the season.

Among the reactions I got on Twitter (

* "Did he really just compare a former DI-AA team to a D-I team?!?"

* "Difference...UConn wasn't a 9-4 team the year before I assume."

* "We have all ACC talent in DOB and Tate, we're not just being promoted to D1"

We should be clear that we understand Edsall's meaning. Was he likening one program to the other? Was he just generically saying that in both cases he's been tested by losing and intends to stay the course? It's a distinction that is absolutely worth following up on to be certain his meaning is clear.


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