Ashamed, once again, that Nancy Pelosi is from Baltimore

November 07, 2011

Nancy Pelosi's recent statement that the minuscule decrease in unemployment rate was "good" was almost as outrageous as her statement when the President Obama's health care reform bill passed. Remember? Now we can find out what's in it?

How will we ever recover from the mess we're in with that kind of mediocre mentality, and worse yet, leadership? It also squares up with those same types who cannot see the logic in balancing your checkbook and then taking the necessary, responsible actions. These are tough times and require tough leadership coupled with tough measures! If we only set our sights for just "OK," our resolve will fall short and we will face even tougher times.

I for one am so ashamed to admit that Nancy Pelosi is a Baltimorean/Marylander. She is one of many who are maxing out our credit cards. It's time to drain the swamp. Elections are coming, so raise the bar and elect the leadership who will make the hard choices regardless of political consequences. After all, political office was not meant to be a coronation or a career, just patriotically stimulated service for the good of our country.

Richard LaCourse, Forest Hill

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