2 cases of legionnaires at Hampden senior home

Patients recovering; Keswick Multi-Care using only bottled water while investigation is under way

November 07, 2011|By Andrea K. Walker and Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore city health officials have confirmed two cases of legionnaires disease at a Hampden nursing home.

The two people diagnosed with the disease at the Keswick Multi-Care Center on West 40th Street began showing symptoms in September but are recovering, according to Brian Schleter, a spokesman with the Baltimore Health Department. The center is taking precautions by serving only bottled water while an investigation is under way.

Legionnaires is caused by a bacterium called legionella. It is found in water and passed along when a person breathes in mist or vapors contaminated with the disease. It is not passed along merely by drinking water.

Last year 113 people in Maryland, including 34 in Baltimore, were diagnosed with the disease.



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