Former Council candidate resigns from Laurel Boys and Girls Club board

November 07, 2011

Thank you very much for all of the support and encouragement that I received during the past month during my run for Council at-large seat on the city of Laurel Council. I truly appreciate every vote across both Ward 1 and Ward 2 in support of my candidacy. I was also impressed with the voter turnout, which in previous years was somewhat disappointing.

While I was unsuccessful in my first bid for elected office I learned a lot about the political process. I would like to thank every last person who sacrificed their time by helping me hold signs, educate residents and spend countless hours knocking on doors speaking to residents in our community. Although we may have disagreed on some policies concerning our city, I enjoyed running a clean race and wish Mayor Craig Moe and Council President Mike Leszcz the best of luck in the future!

As we go forward as a city, and continue to stay involved, it is in all our best interests to be as supportive of the mayor and City of Laurel Council in helping them help us in addressing our issue concerning the Laurel Mall, revitalizing Main Street, attracting businesses to Laurel and something dear to my supporters, the issues concerning conditions at the Laurel Boys and Girls Club.

Becoming a civil servant takes sacrifice. I made the decision to resign from the Laurel Boys and Girls Club's Board of Directors. This resignation was in response to this political process as some chose to attack the Boys and Girls Club, limiting my ability to address issues for my supporters. I now will be able to work more efficiently for my supporters without fear of reprisals against the Laurel Boys and Girls Club. We can now focus on the blight conditions at the club instead of signs on the property. I will continue to volunteer and mentor youth at the club.

Lastly, I enjoyed my time running for office and, most importantly learned the needs and the concerns of my fellow residents in the city of Laurel. I was inspired by many of you to become a civil servant. The community support I received is welcoming to me and has taught me that becoming a civil servant is the best way to give back to a community that made me what I am today.

I enjoyed meeting so many of you and I am hugely impressed by how much everyone cares for this city. Please continue to let me know what you think and how I can help as I plan to stay engaged with our elected officials.

Adrian Rousseau


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