Police officers at polling places, in uniform, viewed as 'political harassment'

November 07, 2011

I agree completely with your editorial of Nov. 3 ("Mug-slinging campaigns in city were short on issues"). and would like to comment further. While it was quite a "mud-slinging" campaign of gigantic proportions, I wonder if anyone else noticed the two policemen in full uniform with the Moe election workers (parked cruisers in full view) at the community center on Election Day? While I fully support the police force exercising their political freedom, I thought that they should have been in "civvies" while doing so without the use of taxpayers' money for their transportation. While I assumed that they were "on their lunch break," one cannot but view this as some form of political harassment.

In addition, to those candidates who used multiple robo-phone calls and multiple, redundant phone calls and pounds of political literature, which jammed my mailbox, I was not impressed by the volume of mail and trash in my mailbox and my phone answering device, not to mention those calls from an "unidentified source." I do not and will not vote for any candidate who sends or is involved in sending/making robo-phone calls as do many of my friends who share my sentiments.

Politicos: please clean up your act!

Victor M. Exner


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