Proposed bill would further erode CA transparency

Letter to the editor

November 07, 2011

A motion is coming before the Columbia Association board Thursday, Nov. 10 to submit proposed legislation to the Howard County delegation to Annapolis that would exempt CA from much of the current state law governing homeowners associations. The stated intent is to make CA more efficient by relieving it from having to monitor state HOA legislative proposals and from lobbying for changes to proposals that do not adequately accommodate an HOA the size of CA.

This proposal is being rushed through CA with little opportunity for resident input. The proposed legislation weakens many mandates of the current state HOA law on CA, including the extent to which residents have access to CA documentation.

Even though transparency was one of my key planks when I campaigned for the CA board in 2009, I regret to say that under the current leadership CA is less transparent than when I took office. It was the continued back-sliding in the area of transparency that discouraged me from running again.

Del. Guy Guzzone has agreed to sponsor the bill that would deprive Columbians of an open and transparent HOA.  Please come to the CA meeting Thursday night to testify, or let your CA representative and Guy Guzzone know your thoughts on this proposal.

This proposal may make CA more efficient, but dictatorships are more efficient too, and who wants to live in one?

Russ Swatek

Long Reach

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