Hobbit's Glen clubhouse should retain laid-back feel

Letter to the editor

November 07, 2011

As a resident of Columbia for 42 years and of Hobbit's Glen for 19 years, I would like to thank Jervis Dorton for his letter regarding planned changes to the Hobbit's Glen clubhouse.

He speaks for me and many of my neighbors in Hobbit's Glen who frequent the Coho Grill and who believe that the clubhouse, as originally conceived, is a perfect fit with the surrounding residential community. The low-slung and rambling design of the building integrates it nicely with the ambient landscape, while the internal architecture creates the warm and friendly atmosphere that Jim Rouse believed should be inherent in the design of our public buildings.

We need to update and expand the clubhouse, but why abandon this architectural gem for a more commonplace substitute? With regard to expansion, I hope that the planners will not allow this to happen to the extent that the tranquility of our community is threatened particularly in terms of increased traffic and noise.

Surely there are architects out there who could bring the needed changes to the clubhouse while preserving its architectural uniqueness and maintaining livability in the peaceful community of which the clubhouse is an integral part.

Andy Snope

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