Don't separate our children from neighborhood friends

Letter to the editor

November 07, 2011

Two weeks ago, the Board of Education changed the redistricting plan that isolates three streets (called Polygon 16 and 1016). Under this plan, 20 students would attend Guilford Elementary while all of the other streets in Dickinson would attend Atholton or Hammond Elementary. As the western boundary for Guilford Elementary under the proposal, the closest residence to the east would be 1.4 miles away. Our children would have to walk, bike, or be driven at least 1.4 miles through commercial zones and across major roads to visit friends, while just one street to the west, kids will be going to Atholton Elementary. This plan would isolate our children from the rest of their community.

Neighborhood and community goes further than the physical school, but extends to the streets we live on, the stores we shop in and the pools and recreational activities that our kids participate in. School activities, projects, and events are discussed beyond the school boundaries, so to keep communities together strengthens schools.

Please do not separate Polygon 16 and 1016 from the rest of the Dickinson Community. Redistrict Polygon 16 and 1016 to either Atholton or Hammond Elementary so our children can stay with our community.

Leigh Roberts

Kings Contrivance

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