Spend less on clubhouse, build park fountain now

Letter to the editor

November 07, 2011

There are currently two major projects being proposed by the Columbia Association. One is to remodel or rebuild the Hobbit's Glen clubhouse for $5 million to $6 million to a level of use beyond its current capacity. It would have programs of use closer to Cattail Creek Country Club and possibly Turf Valley level.

The other project is the proposed improvements to the Symphony Woods park that would include new pedestrian ways into the central areas of the current wooded open space but no budget to build now a beautiful fountain that would benefit more Columbians than the Hobbit's facility. I would suggest the Columbia Association take $1 million out of the Hobbit's budget and put it into the new fountain. It would fit into the construction of the pedestrian ways and avoid tearing the park area up twice. It would also be more efficient to build now. I am sure spending $5 million can satisfy the Hobbits needs., while extending the pleasure of the park to more a diverse users.

Sam Crozier

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