Web Ad.vantage Embraces Challenger Brands

November 07, 2011

Web Ad.vantage, Inc., a digital marketing and advertising agency in Havre de Grace, recently announced a shift in its marketing strategy.

"Our mission going forward is to serve companies called Challenger Brands with the full arsenal of Web Ad.vantage solutions. A Challenger Brand is one that is either not satisfied with its current position below a market leader or wants to enter a market to take on a leader. Using our 'FIERCE' Assessment, online marketing strategy, audits, and analyses and Internet marketing tactics such as Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation and Social Media Strategy services, Web Ad.vantage delivers highly-competitive, fearless brands with the means to increase site traffic, web conversions, and increase sales," promises Hollis Thomases, President of Web Ad.vantage.

Web Ad.vantage has embraced this niche approach because in evaluating itself as an agency, it concluded it too possesses the attributes and mindsets of Challenger Brands.

"Being able to walk the walk goes a long way in convincing a Challenger Brand that you're the right fit as a professional services partner."

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