John Alexander Chosen as Employee of the Month for October

November 07, 2011

John Alexander a five-year employee with the Harford County Department of Public Works, Division of Water and Sewer has been selected as the Employee of the Month for October. John was nominated by his supervisors, Dave Gosnell and George Dawson, from the Division of Water & Sewer.

Recently Alexander went "above and beyond" by coming to the immediate aid of his co-worker George Kmieciak, after an ATV flipped backwards and landed on him when Kmieciak was attempting to load it onto a truck, according to a Harford County press release.

The nomination from his supervisor's states, "John Alexander had been assisting George Kmieciak when the ATV flipped backward on Mr. Kmieciak resulting in serious injuries. John was able to keep a cool head and assisted his co-worker by first removing the ATV from on top of him, while managing to keep Mr.Kmieciak calm. John phoned for help and stayed with Mr. Kmieciak until an ambulance arrived. Had John not acted with a cool head and rendered immediate assistance, the outcome could have been much worse."

Kmieciak was transported to Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, where plastic surgeons operated for more than three hours to repair his facial injuries.

Commenting on Alexander's selection as Employee of the Month for October, County Executive David R. Craig said: "John's actions exemplify the caring and compassion of our employees. His quick thinking and actions undoubtedly helped save the life of his co-worker, George Kmieciak. We congratulated John for his distinguished service and commend his selection as Employee of the Month for October 2011."

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