Two is Too Much

November 04, 2011|By Kathy

It doesn’t take much to snarl traffic in Roland Park. One event on Roland Avenue, Falls Road, University Parkway or Cold Spring Lane can do it. 

Early Thursday morning two events on Cold Spring Lane royally snarled traffic. There was a water main break on Cold Spring Lane at Keswick, and a gas leak on Cold Spring Lane near Woodlawn Road. 
We awakened to the melodious tweeting of whistles that sounded like referees’ whistles. This was no autumn football game. It was the sound of three traffic officers trying to direct morning rush hour. The whistles lasted all day and into the night.
The left turn lane on southbound Roland Avenue was closed, so was westbound Cold Spring Lane at Roland Avenue. Westbound traffic on Cold Spring Lane had to turn at Roland Avenue. Roland Avenue became bumper-to-bumper in both directions. Eastbound traffic on Cold Spring Lane snaked along single file. 
Southbound traffic on Roland Avenue was backed up as far as this eye could see from Cold Spring Lane north. Traffic also backed up in the left turn lane of northbound Roland Avenue onto Cold Spring and farther south at the light at University Parkway and Roland Avenue. Traffic crawled up the hill on Cold Spring Lane from Falls Road to Roland Avenue.
Rush hour in the morning was the worst, but traffic problems continued into the night. One traffic officer told me that the timing of the traffic lights had to be changed to alleviate severe congestion on Cold Spring Lane in both directions.  
On Friday morning the westbound lanes on Cold Spring Lane at Roland Avenue were still closed, as was the left turn lane of southbound Roland Avenue onto Cold Spring Lane. The water main had been repaired by Thursday afternoon, but the BGE was still working on Cold Spring Lane early Friday.
The aging infrastructure of Baltimore City most definitely caused a one-two punch in Roland Park this week. 

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