Steelers' Tomlin clears the air

Coach addresses Ravens' use of cut blocks, other subjects

November 03, 2011|By Edward Lee

In the aftermath of a 35-7 loss to the Ravens on Sept. 11, several Pittsburgh Steelers players vowed to remember several questionable acts of behavior committed by the Ravens.

During his conference call with Baltimore media Wednesday, Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin addressed some of those complaints.

On the topic of whether the club still objected to the Ravens’ use of cut blocks, Tomlin said, “The Steelers have never had an issue with that. Maybe it was some individuals that were misinformed and stated otherwise, but as an organization and football team, we’ve never had an issue with the techniques that they utilized in that game.”

On whether the Ravens’ decision to have Sam Koch score a two-point conversion to make the score, 29-7, in the third quarter was insulting, Tomlin said, “I was not perturbed one iota about the two-point conversion. I was perturbed about how we played.”

Finally, on whether quarterback Joe Flacco throwing into the end zone late in the fourth quarter was an example of the Ravens trying to run up the score on Pittsburgh, Tomlin said, “Absolutely not. It’s our job to keep the score down, buddy.”

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