Randy Edsall calls out fans of his 2-6 Maryland team

November 02, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Attendance at Byrd Stadium on Saturday for Maryland football’s 28-17 loss to Boston College was a season-low 29,945 fans. That’s paid attendance, not the actual number of lunatics who braved slushy conditions -- weather that would make postal carriers rethink their occupation -- to watch the Terps lose to the then-one-win Eagles.

Asked about the turnout, Maryland coach Randy Edsall called out the fans -- and name-checked the Orioles.

“I think whenever you support a team, or you have a team that you like, you support them regardless,” Edsall said on Tuesday, according to Jakob Engelke of Inside MD Sports. “There’s only seven games a year [at home] that you can get out and see. If you’re going to be a fan, be a fan and be out there all the time.”

Added Edsall, who isn’t doing much to endear himself to the apathetic fan base in his first season: “Sometimes it’s not going to be the way you want it, but just stick in there and support people and keep going. I’ve been an Orioles fan, and it hasn’t gone very well, but I haven’t dropped off the bandwagon. That’s what true fans do.”

Criticizing fans when your team, one that won nine games last year under a different coach, is 2-6? Great idea.

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