Re-use of Carver would be best solution to school crowding


Letters to the Editor

November 02, 2011

Regarding the proposal to build a new elementary school in either Mays Chapel or Dulaney Springs, I believe there is a better solution to the York Road corridor overcrowding issue then building a school in either of the proposed locations.

The solution should be the soon-to-be-vacant Carver Center for the Arts and Technology in Towson. In the near term, it will be used to house the Stoneleigh students while their facility undergoes an addition and refurbishment.

But after that, Carver can be refurbished — and an addition added, if required —then become the new Towson East Elementary School. This solution should be quicker and cheaper to complete then building a new school.

In addition to the cost saving, its location would better accommodate bus traffic and both neighborhoods would maintain their most needed open space.

Angelo DelNegro

Mays Chapel

GTCCA enjoys working relationship with Marks, TU, Goucher

For the past 10 months, I have had the privilege to serve as president of the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations.

During my tenure, we have achieved many victories and suffered a few defeats, but to the best of our abilities we have represented the interests of our Towson neighbors.

During the past few years, GTCCA has worked closely with our elected officials, as well as with such partners as the Towson Chamber of Commerce, Towson University and Goucher College. Although at times sides may disagree, we have established a system to ensure that we communicate with one another.

That being said, I would like to address a few misperceptions that continue to overshadow the progress we have achieved.

First, our organization works very closely with the business community and Towson chamber to promote the revitalization of downtown Towson.

Second, GTCCA has an excellent relationship with TU and Goucher. We are in constant communication with each administration. And, although we have been fortunate to work with interim president Dr. Marcia Welsh, who is doing a fabulous job building off the successes Dr. Robert Caret established before his departure, we are looking forward to working with incoming TU president, Dr. Maravene Loeschke.

Finally, GTCCA has worked closely with Councilman David Marks and other elected officials on a variety of issues this year, including redistricting.

GTCCA has enjoyed working with Councilman Marks, and is eager to continue our partnership.

Our goal for GTCCA is to promote the place we call home while working to preserve the quality and sustainably of our wonderful neighborhoods.

We look forward to working with residents and community groups.

David Kosak, president

Greater Towson Council of Community Associations

Honor our veterans by encouraging them to get health care

For more than 230 years, our brave service men and women have underwritten our freedom by duty, honor and selfless service.

On Friday, Nov. 11, Americans everywhere will give pause on Veterans Day to honor our men and women who have served in the armed forces.

Because of its size and abundance, it's easy to forget how fortunate our nation really is.

It's easy to forget that the United States of America is more than a place. It's an idea forged by the collective genius of a small group of idealistic men with vision and intellect, that shaped a nation that cherishes freedom and where citizens pledge to a flag.

It's easy to forget that these ideals are manifest in the diversity and resolve of our people. Our diversity fuels our strength. Throughout history, service men and women have demonstrated our strength and resolve to preserve our freedom through their willingness to serve and sacrifice, defending freedom and the flag symbolizing it worldwide.

Ten years after the shocking terror attacks of 9/11, we find ourselves still at battle, facing a new kind of challenge and fighting terrorist organizations unattached to any nation's flag. Our troops embody our nation's will and resolve to preserve our freedom.

Thus, it becomes our duty to support our troops and our veterans, who, at great personal sacrifice, enforce our will and resolve as a people.

President John F. Kennedy said, "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

Let's hang our flags this Veterans Day, but let's also honor our nation's veterans by proactively welcoming home the newly returned from deployment. You can also tell veterans who may not be enrolled for VA health care to drop by their local VA medical center or outpatient clinic, call the VA Maryland Health Care System's Enrollment Center at 1-800-463-6295, Ext. 7324, or visit our website at to enroll for VA health care. 

In addition, you can visit hospitalized veterans, mail them cards and notes, or commit to volunteering at a nearby VA health care facility by calling 1-800-949-1003, Ext. 1136.

Finally, you can teach your children to honor veterans by using resources that are available on the VA's Veterans Day website

At the VA Maryland Health Care System, every day is Veterans Day. We are honored to join with millions of Americans in saying to our great veterans, "Thank you for your service!"

Dennis H. Smith, director, VA Maryland Health Care System


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