Midtown Yacht Club to re-open under new management

  • Sign outside Midtown Yacht Club
Sign outside Midtown Yacht Club (Erik Maza )
November 02, 2011|By Erik Maza | The Baltimore Sun

Fans of the Mt. Vernon bar Midtown Yacht Club were surprised by a cryptic note on its Facebook page Tuesday morning:

"Well it has been fun. Keep your eyes and ears open in the neighborhood for the beginning of the new chapter for Midtown. Great and tasty things are sure to come. Thanks for the support and friendship!"

Was the bar closing? Where would we all hold our after-work happy hours? The bar clarified in a post later that it would close for 2-3 weeks and then re-open under new management.

Midtown Yacht Club stopped serving liquor in May because of overdue taxes, but, it resumed business sometime after.

It's not clear why the bar has switched management. Phone calls to the bar weren't returned; and we haven't been able to reach the owners. Old Liberty LLC is listed as the owner in Maryland property records.

When I stopped by Tuesday afternoon, the sign pictured above hung on its door and the only people inside were construction workers. A contractor, Bob Wolf, said the bar was closed for renovations. He said the owners weren't available.

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