Thank GOP for regressive taxes

November 01, 2011

Maryland is implementing or considering many new fees, tolls, and taxes to help pay for needed infrastructure maintenance and development. Some are blaming the "tax and spend" Democrats. But the blame for these increases, in fact, lies with Republicans who shield the super-wealthy from higher taxation at the federal level.

In a recent article in The Sun, a blue ribbon commission member was quoted as saying, "We've got a serious problem. The federal spigot is running dry" ("Panels recommend higher Md. taxes, fees," Oct. 25).

So then we must ask, "Why is the federal spigot running dry?" A large part of the reason is because Republicans obstruct any national stimulus proposals or any attempts to raise taxes on the super-wealthy (who keep vacuuming up more and more of our nation's wealth). Therefore, the federal government is less able to help Maryland with infrastructure and those burdens are placed on the middle and lower income groups at the state and local level.

So every time you pay more to cross the Chesapeake Bay, and every time you have to pay a higher fee at the MVA, and every time you fill up your gas tank with a higher fuel tax, you can thank Republican members of Congress who are "starving the beast" at the national level.

During the Great Depression, New Deal federal programs shouldered the lion's share of our infrastructure work (for example, the WPA). But during the current recession, it is you who will pay more so that the super-wealthy can maintain their historically low tax rates and their historically high share of our nation's wealth. And the less you have, the higher your burden will be, as these fees, tolls, and taxes are regressive.

Republicans are draining our wallets and purses, in service to the super-rich.

Brent McKee, Arnold,

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