The truth about Bachmann's 'loose facts'

November 01, 2011

In the article "Bachmann's loose 'facts' stacking up" (Oct. 28) the writer criticizes Rep. Michele Bachmann's statement about taxes being less when she was a child. The writer uses the example of a couple earning $379,150 and being taxed 35 percent today and taxed at 59 percent 50 years ago. The problem with this argument is that a person making that much money today would have been earning approximately $52,000 50 years ago if you take inflation into account, which is the only way to do a fair comparison. I doubt that such a wage earner was taxed at 59 percent.

If you are going to challenge someone else's "facts" you ought to get your own facts right first.

David Plaut, Reisterstown

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