Reading lists were not up for debate in Germany 75 years ago

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November 01, 2011|By Louise Vest

100 Years Ago

Philly and Fields

From the Woodbine social column:

"Miss Nellie Conway of Baltimore has been spending several days with Mrs. Samuel Tracey.

Revival services have been in progress at Morgan's Chapel for the last two weeks.

Mr. Frank Evans has returned home after spending a week with his aunt, in Philadelphia."

That Frank Evans, what a wild and crazy guy spending an entire week with an aunt and in Philadelphia yet! Hold me back. Just kidding. It was comedian W.C. Fields who had those Philadelphia quotes attributed to him. Fields was raised in the Philly area.

75 Years Ago

The unlovely and lovely

In the international section of the Times:

"Berlin reports that German booksellers must sell and Germans must read, only books that the government thinks they ought to sell and read. The public will be compelled by "loving force" to read what's good for them."

A few pages from that not so lovely news was a happier item in the School Column:

"The impressions of the Loveliest Things:

A school teacher put this to a group of children; "What are the loveliest things you know, persons not counted.

Here is the list of one girl: 'The sound of dry leaves underfoot; the feel of clean clothes, climbing a hill and looking down, hot water bottle in bed.'

The boy's list: 'The feel of running; looking into deep clear water; a swallow flying; water being cut by a bow of a boat; an express train rushing; a building crane lifting something heavy; the mounted policeman's horse; the feel of a dive; a thrush singing.' "

What's also lovely is that 75 years later, in a much different world, it's still a great list that transcends the ages. And it's noteworthy that most of what the students describe costs nothing. For kids today though, the trick is their having the time and the solitude to be able to notice these "loveliest things."

50 Years Ago

Crowning glory

"Howard High Fete Sunday" was the headline of a school story in the Times

"The crowning of the homecoming queen will highlight the 9th annual homecoming festivities at Howard County Sr. High School Saturday. Candidates for the homecoming queen are Betsy Anderson, Dana Duncan, Carol Greenwood, Barbara Marshall, Jeannie Quinlan and Carol Thomas. Between halves of the football game the queen will be crowned. Miss Linda Ingram was 1960 queen.

Football, turkey dinner, bazaar and dancing are the featured activities. Another special attraction will be the appearance of an Oriole baseball team member."


Release me and let me roll again!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I'd like to thank to the Howard County Historical Society for their work and for being home sweet home for so much of the county's story. Their files and newspaper files are the fodder for these history columns.

The Society has recently moved to their new digs at the Miller Branch Library in Ellicott City and according to director Lauren McCormack, the Society will reopen there about mid-December.

The Historical Society is always in need of volunteers and monetary gifts are also appreciated. Their email address is or 410-750-0370.

As far as equipment, I know all too well that among their needs is having their microfilm machine repaired, or a new microfilm machine provided, as they have microfilm that currently can't be properly used. So though the Society has rolls and rolls of county history, some of the people, places and events of bygone eras are captives on film, sitting forlorn, sad and unused until they can be released by the gift of some technological help.

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