Against Bennett

November 01, 2011


The recent Aegis article about the current mayor of Aberdeen, Mike Bennett, traveling to Georgia and giving an inaccurate report on the fiscal picture of what the Ripken Stadium has cost the city of Aberdeen illustrates perfectly why this citizen is so frustrated with politicians today.

It would be most refreshing to hear truth out of the mouth of a politician, instead of endless political calculation and spin. Mike Bennett doesn't deserve another term in office because, in my opinion, once a politician forsakes trust, then that person has no business being in office.

The people of Aberdeen should choose the person running against the mayor; his name is Patrick McGrady. But warning to Mr. McGrady, the people will hold your feet to the fire.

You would be wise to NOT follow the example of the current holder of the office. The people deserve so much better out of their elected officials than what is evidenced by the current mayor of Aberdeen as well as across the political landscape.

Bernadette Zgorski


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