Your say: What's the most underrated restaurant in baltimore?

November 01, 2011

This week, we asked about your favorite under-the-radar Baltimore restaurants. Here's what you had to say.

•••• I’m not sure if it’s underrated but I love the BOP in Fells Point. They have the best brick oven pizza I’ve ever put in my mouth. lol --Carol Ann Sonnet-McCall via Facebook

•••• Sticky Rice Baltimore! --the_clash via Twitter

•••• Lumbini Indian Restaurant on Charles St. --Glenford Nunez via Facebook

•••• Sascha’s in Mt Vernon. --robdevereux via Twitter

•••• Clementine for sure. --Matt McDermott via Facebook

•••• Hull Street Cafe has the best salmon caesar salad and brunch buffet that I’m not sure many are aware of. --abbydraper via Twitter

•••• Not sure if it qualifies but Dogwood is delish. And Iggies’ pizza is great and also BYOB — always nice in this economy :) --Adam Callaway via Facebook


Next question:

What are you most thankful for?

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