'Top Chef: Texas': Ready for the new season?

Let our new TV Lust "Top Chef" blogger introduce herself

  • Ready for "Top Chef: Texas," y'all?
Ready for "Top Chef: Texas," y'all? (Bravo )
November 01, 2011|By Anne Marie Turner

Happy "Top Chef" Eve everyone! I know that most of you are hungover from alcohol, chocolate, or both (I’m not judging!) but please cleanse your palate because tomorrow marks the premiere of "Top Chef: Texas" at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

And I'll be handling recaps this season for TV Lust.

I consider myself to be a connoisseur of "Top Chef." As a faithful viewer since Season 1, I have seen the show serve up some amazing challenges and characters, and some that were less palatable.

A few seasons back, "Top Chef" became a little stale. Season 7 in  D.C. was, in my opinion (note to readers: get used to hearing my opinion), the worst season. Perhaps it was because nothing could compare to the Voltaggios and Kevin Gillespie’s beard from Las Vegas, but the whole season just felt flat.

Last year's "Top Chef: All Stars" was amazing, but it stuck to the show’s proven formula and relied on a cast a familiar characters to keep the viewers hooked.

This new season, though, has potential. I don’t know if you know this, but everything is bigger in Texas. It’s a fact. Google it. This big season calls for some big changes to the show.

First off, there are 29 contestants that have to earn one of the 16 spots in the house! Emeril Lagasse is a judge! They will compete all across the state! Padma’s wearing lots of denim!  

Fellow "Top Chef" fans are you ready for a season full of funny hats and outrageous stereotypes because I know that I am! If you can’t wait for tomorrow’s premiere, head over to bravotv.com for a few preview clips of the episode!

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