Pollard confirms $10,000 fine

Strong safety unhappy with additional discipline from NFL

October 31, 2011|By Edward Lee

Bernard Pollard confirmed The Sun’s report on Friday that the NFL had fined the strong safety $10,000 for a hit on Jacksonville Jaguars running back Deji Karim in the third quarter of the Ravens’ 12-7 loss a week ago.

Although it was not a helmet-to-helmet hit, an NFL spokesman said that Pollard was fined specifically for striking a defenseless player in the head and neck area on a pass play.

Pollard, who was already irritated at an official’s ruling that he had taunted Arizona Cardinals tight end Jeff King after pushing him out of bounds Sunday, didn’t require much prompting to sound off on the fine.

“That’s another thing they’ve got to fix,” Pollard said. “You might as well take the defense off the field. Let them just play. Take the defense off the field and let them just play against the air. That’s not fair. You’re making this an offensive game, but you’re telling us that we can’t do certain things. When they’re throwing across the middle, that’s the one thing we’ve always been taught as a defense. When a guy comes across the middle, you hit him. You destroy him. You let that team know, ‘You can’t throw across our middle.’ They’re trying to take that away from us. But this is football. This is a high-energy game, a violent game, and you cannot take us out of that.”

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