Collared today: Gidget and Gabby


(Cheryl Ingoe )
October 31, 2011|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

NAMES: Gidget and Gabby

OWNER: Cheryl and Mike Ingoe

HOW THEY MET: Both pets were acquired from breeders in the mid-Atlantic region

AGE: Gidget is 1, Gabby is 3

HOME: Kingsville

BREED: Gidget is a Papillon, Gabby is a West Highland White Terrier

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Treat time, walks and belly rubs, in that order

FAVORITE FOOD: Venison jerky treats

FUNNIEST MOMENT: The “girls” are at their cutest when we pull into the driveway and they are sitting side-by-side on the back of the couch looking out the bow window waiting for us to get home. Also, when Gidget uses her behind to “bump” Gabby to get her to play.

IF GIDGET AND GABBY HAD A MOTTO FOR LIFE, IT WOULD BE: A daily walk is essential for health and happiness!

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