Council redistricting plan would split communities

Letter to the editor

October 31, 2011

I am disappointed in the County Council redistricting map recommended by the Redistricting Commission. Three maps were initially considered. Two of them needed only minor tweaking to satisfy most affected communities. However, the most disliked map at all the hearings was adopted and sent to the County Council. Supporters on the commission said Map 201 will create "one county, one community," but they do this by splitting up communties like moving the village of Dorsey's Search and the Fairway Hills Golf Course community to Ellicott City and moving several Ellicott City neighborhoods and their fire house to Columbia. What's next? A Columbia zip code and Columbia school district for parts of Ellicott City?

If you live in Brampton Hills, Wheatfield or Avoca, you will be moved to the Columbia District 2. Please join me at the County Council public hearing on Nov. 7 at 8 p.m. to voice your opposition to this social and political gerrymandering.

Robert J. Callahan

Ellicott City

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