Who's responsible for repairing broken city street lamps and cracked sidewalks?

  • Baltimore City Councilman Warren Branch wraps up a visit to William and Myrtle Kelly with a hug in an alley behind their home. The Kellys, who have known Branch for years, talked with him about the alley, which needs resurfacing.
Baltimore City Councilman Warren Branch wraps up a visit to… (Kim Hairston / The Baltimore…)
October 30, 2011

Regarding your article about the 75-year-old woman who a city inspector fined $300 fine for a crack in the sidewalk in front of her house, since when are citizens responsible for the repair of city property ("Branch steps up effort against write-in challenge," Oct. 25)?

Are we going to be fined for broken curbs, potholes and missing manhole covers as well? Are we liable for the broken street light in front of our house or the bent street sign?

Either the inspector in this case was sadly misinformed of city policy or city policy stipulates private citizens are required to maintain city property at their own expense. Which is it?

Michelle Alston, Baltimore

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