Currie: Too stupid to serve?

October 29, 2011

Regarding State Sen. Ulysses Currie's bribery trial, I was always told that ignorance of the law is no defense ("Lt. governor calls Currie 'a man of strong integrity,'" Oct. 25).

Mr. Currie has been accused of playing dumb (the "stupidity defense") and we have seen an impressive list of associates willing to step up and verify that he is, as former Prince George's County delegate Tim Maloney testified, "right at the bottom of the smart scale."

That's why even if Senator Currie is found innocent he should be removed from office. With all the additional taxes and toll increases being heaped on Maryland taxpayers, we simply can't afford that kind of stupidity in our elected officials — or the cost of paying a public defender to represent them in court after they've been accused committing some stupid act.

Michael Grimes, Owings Mills

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