Hooray for a New Bulletin Board

(Kathy Hudson )
October 29, 2011|Kathy Hudson

A few weeks ago I noticed the bulletin board inside of the Village Square Café at Cross Keys. A welcomed addition to the neighborhood it is. Fewer and fewer bulletin boards are in the ‘hood. They used to be at the front of the library and neighborhood grocery stores. No more.
Schneider’s Hardware on Wyndhurst has for generations used the glass front door for neatly taped notices. An overflowing bulletin board sits at the back of Evergreen Café on Cold Spring Lane. The Children’s Bookstore on Deepdene Road has one at the front of the store. Starbucks on Roland Avenue has one too.
In an age of social media, some may think that bulletin boards are passé. Apparently, not. Consider the utility box at the corner of Roland Avenue and Deepdene Road. New signs are taped there daily. 
 As important as ever is physical connection to community. Bulletin boards foster that. They provide a place for individuals and organizations to post notices of services and events. They provide a place for residents to learn of apartments for rent, tutors, piano teachers, author readings, artists’ exhibitions, music events, yard, book and bake sales —  the small and large events that create the fabric of community activity.
Having a new one go up at the Village Square Café does not surprise me. That bustling, delicious place has become a community hub. Its friendly owners are always there, greeting patrons and making sure everything operates smoothly. Having a bulletin board at the front of the store speaks of their sense of community connection.

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