Azra is safe, but what about unborn?

October 28, 2011

When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I turned on a news broadcast just in time to find out about a 2-week-old baby girl who, along with her mother, had just been miraculously pulled out alive from the rubble of an apartment building destroyed by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck near Ercus, Turkey.

They had been buried under the debris for nearly 48 hours. The baby girl was identified as Azra Karaduman. In the background, you could see collapsed buildings and devastation everywhere. In spite of the enormous hardship and emotional trauma the villagers were suffering, a large group of survivors had gathered and were standing by the apartment site. With tears of joy, they were applauding as a rescue worker emerged with the little Azra in her arms.

As I watched this momentous event unfold, I vicariously shared the joy those townspeople were experiencing. But I also felt another emotion — deep sorrow! In the United States alone, approximately 1.2 million abortions are performed annually. That's about 3,000 each and every day! Like little Azra, these were precious, helpless, innocent, little babies, but unlike Azra, they were never given the dignity of a name, but were inhumanely slain, under the guise of "a woman's right to choose."

Dale Wonderly, Westminster

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