What to make of Sen. Currie's friends?

October 27, 2011

I watch with interest the parade of character references that vouch for the integrity of state Sen. Ulysses S. Currie ("Lt. governor calls Currie 'a man of strong integrity,'" Oct. 25). While something can be said for being a "stand-up guy" when your friend is in trouble, to say that he is "a man of strong integrity," as Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, did dishonors Mr. Brown and his office.

The court will adjudicate the charges of bribery, but the senator was employed by Shoppers Food Warehouse and did not claim it on his required disclosure forms and did not recuse himself from legislation affecting Shoppers. These actions demonstrate a lack of ethical standards that make him unfit for elected service no matter how nice a guy or how dim.

Senator Currie will answer for his crimes, if convicted, but remaining in the state Senate is embarrassing to citizens of this state and shows the rest of the country that corruption is business as usual in Maryland. The character witnesses that claim him to be a nice guy or very caring may be OK, but if you say he is a man of integrity, you will not get my vote again.

Mike Johnson, Easton

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