Wilde Lake could lead the way if people would let it

Letter to the editor

October 27, 2011

I read your editorial, "Kimco might learn a thing or two from Long Reach center," about the development in the Long Reach Village Center compared to the problems of the Wilde Lake Village Center. As a property owner in Wilde Lake, I have attended many meetings only to leave in great frustration. Kimco Realty proposed many attractive redevelopment programs only to be rejected.

Many people want "things the way they were," with an anchor supermarket where the Giant used to be. A common objection to the development plans was traffic. Anyone visiting the Wilde Lake Village Center can see the empty parking lots and the lack of activity with great sadness. It is also obvious that the remaining stores are barely hanging on, waiting impatiently for the redevelopment of Wilde Lake.

It seems to me that new thinking is required. High-rise housing with shops and restaurants is the answer to both our housing problems and the high cost of gasoline. The Wilde Lake Village Center boasts an excellent location. It is within walking distance of the high school, hospital, Howard Community College, the mall and fine sports facilities.

Wilde Lake could show the way toward a more urbanized lifestyle in keeping with the needs of the 21st century.

Edith M. Cord


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