Weekend's best bet: Chromeo at the Fillmore Silver Spring

Mayer Hawthorne also performs

October 27, 2011|By Wesley Case

UPDATE: Reader Margarita Noriega, on behalf of AT&T, sent us an email about AT&T giving away five pairs of tickets to the show. For your chance to win, show up at the AT&T store in Silver Spring (8519 Georgia Ave.) Friday between 5-7 p.m. to enter. Thanks for the heads up, Margarita.

There's a thin-line between tongue-in-cheek and eye-rolling hipster irony, and Chromeo straddles it with the best of 'em. The Montreal duo of P-Thugg and Dave 1 rises above the vintage-for-no-reason fray with their sticky hooks and understanding of electro-pop. The songs on the group's third album, "Business Casual," are too tightly constructed and well-written (the propulsive "Night by Night" — with its barely there, jangly guitar and restrained verses — is a good example) to be laughed off as a joke. There will be plenty of disco moves on the dancefloor Saturday night at the Fillmore Silver Spring, so expect that cooler-than-thou vibe in the crowd more than from the stage. But it'll be there, too.

Still not sold? Check out the video for "When the Night Falls" above.

Chromeo plays the Fillmore Silver Spring on Saturday. Mayer Hawthorne also performs. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets, $25, are still available here.

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