Mayoral candidate should not threaten city employees with job loss

October 26, 2011

As city administrator, my position serves "at the pleasure of" the mayor who appointed me, Craig A. Moe. I understand my position may end next month; and I accept that. However, one of my most important duties and responsibilities is to protect the city's exceptional employees. City employees provide the services that make our city a great place to live, work and do business. I believe I must speak out for our valuable employees to share the feelings they have expressed to me and their co-workers.

No election before the 2011 mayoral election has riled peoples' emotions as this one has. I recall no election where such a rancorous and negative tone was immediately set by an incumbent's opponent.

There has never been an election where a mayoral candidate threatened city employees, attempted to intimidate an established employee group and disregarded the city's local laws and policies the way Michael Sarich has. Employees have heard department heads and co-workers told to get their boxes, their jobs were ending Nov. 2. Mr. Sarich has frightened city employees with his outlandish behavior and statements.

The city's employees are dedicated to public service. They are proven problem-solvers and protectors of the city's high quality of life. They work long days, shift work, weekends, and attend night meetings. Off-duty police respond to police calls. Public Works is on the job regardless of the weather or the circumstance. City employees understand what public service is. It is reprehensible that any candidate would frighten or intimidate our hardworking employees.

Michael Sarich as mayor of Laurel is unthinkable for Laurel. He never sponsored any legislation for the city. He is unaware of the city budget process. He does not know how to build consensus; he has no vision; he does not know how to lead. He only knows how to tear down, not build up.

Kristie M. Mills

City administrator

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