City, state should invest in Laurel Boys and Girls Club

October 26, 2011

I just read the article announcing that the city of Laurel is receiving $150,000 to renovate a local park ("City gets state playground funds for Cypress Street field," Leader, Oct. 20), and though I am grateful that the state has chosen to invest in outdoor recreation, who's going to invest in LBGC? It amazes me that here we have a huge historic building, a staple in the community, and some areas of the building are in urgent need of repair. It is a structurally amazing building and the possibilities are endless. But who's going to invest in LBGC?

I am no longer a city resident, but frequent the club often as they offer phenomenal programs for our youth and have a team of passionate, dedicated staff members. I truly enjoy visiting and watching youth of all ages positively interact. Our children want something to do, our children want somewhere to go, and with room after room of usable space, a group of dedicated volunteers and a history of providing positive recreation and youth services, it's a shame that funding from the city or state hasn't been made readily available.

So I ask: Who's going to invest in Laurel Boys and Girls Club? Who's going to invest in our youth?

Jauneline Hardy


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