Mayoral candidate Sarich stands up for Laurel business community

October 26, 2011

I am a business owner in Laurel, and I am writing to express my support for Mike Sarich. In addition to the challenges inherent in opening a business, the current city administration adds layers of complexity and inconvenience to the risk. This is not how successful, lively cities attract and keep business! Small businesses are the backbone of a community, and I have watched far too many businesses start and falter. Mike Sarich's plans to encourage business development in the city are a refreshing change, and I am optimistic about Laurel's development under his leadership. Additional small businesses that provide services residents can get locally are a win-win for all, and a Main Street full of successful shops and restaurants will be a boon to the community. It is time someone stood up for businesses in this community – Mike Sarich is that someone, and I, and many others, will be voting for him on Nov 1.

Carlos Garcia


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