Tuff Truck Race at the Mason Dixon Fair Grounds

October 26, 2011

The Tuff Truck Race was held at the Mason Dixon Fair Grounds Oct. 22 and 20 competitors vied for the top spots in both 2- and 4-wheel-drive categories and a chance to take home the Shoot Out trophy.

The 2-wheel-drive class saw Daryl Eshleman take first place with Jeremiah Creasy in second and Josh Eller in third. The 4-wheel-drive class had Jeremiah Creasy in first, John Peters in second and Josh Eller in third. Event organizers said the crowd loved the Dukes of Hazard chase at intermission as well as the Final Shoot Out featuring head to head racing with close finishes. Jeremiah Creasy took home the Shoot Out trophy.

Tuff Truck Racing is stock 2-wheel and 4-wheel-drive vehicles maneuvering an obstacle course to include jumps, moguls and tight turns. Initial rounds racers run against the clock with the top competitors returning for a two at a time shoot-out for the champions trophy,

More events are planned in the spring with proceeds going to Delta-Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company. For anyone interested in racing, competitor information and rules can be found on Disorder at the Border Facebook page and Mason Dixon Fair Ground Website or interested people can reach organizers at Disorderattheborder@yahoo.com.

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