On Golden Pool

October 26, 2011|Kathy Hudson

Late Tuesday afternoon I went to Meadowbrook. These are the last days of outdoor swimming, and I know it. I take advantage of every last afternoon.

On Tuesday golden sun shone on the turquoise blue pool. I chose the lane on the far eastern side of the pool. Yellow leaves and pine tags had collected in the corner. I scooped out handful after handful. More drifted to the bottom of the pool, then slowly surfaced as I swam back and forth in that warm lane.

The far lane not only stays in the sun longer than the others, it is warmer because all along it are outlets for heated water. Heated water is what has kept Meadowbrook open late into October, later than any other previous year. I am not complaining. I love swimming outdoors under a big sky. I love swimming outdoors looking at leaves turning yellow on the old trees around the pool.

On a late October afternoon the light was yellow too. Some brown and yellow leaves floated on the surface as I pushed past, but not enough to block the way or to cover the bottom of the pool. Still, it reminded me a little of swimming in a lake in autumn.

When I pushed myself up and out of the water, the air was cool but not yet sharply cold. I stood a minute in my dripping suit in the sun.

Only a few more afternoons like this are left. Temperatures are supposed to drop this week. I fear the outdoor pool will close.

On the way home I heard a forecast for 70 degrees on Wednesday.  I would have at least one more opportunity for outdoor swimming. I planned not to miss it.

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