Instant Analysis: Ravens fail to prove championship worth

Dismal offensive performance dooms Ravens' chance to show country they're Super Bowl contenders

October 25, 2011

Mike Preston, Ravens columnist: The Ravens probably turned in the worst offensive performance in the team's history.

Kevin Van Valkenburg, reporter: It's been a long time since the Matt Cavanaugh Era, so some of my memories are blurry, but I can't remember the offense ever looking this bad. Just an all-around atrocious performance. The execution was poor, the strategy was stale, and the lack of energy (which starts with the quarterback, it has to be said) was a real problem. A great team finds a way to win this game. It's not as if Jacksonville set the world on fire. Their best player fumbled three times, for heaven's sake. I've stuck up for him in the past when I thought he was being unfairly slammed, but the burden to fix this is on Cam Cameron's shoulders. This inconsistency won't cut it. The Ravens said they liked the idea of Cameron under fire going into this year, and we're about to see how hot those fires can get this week.

Matt Vensel, Baltimore Sports Blitz: The offense was atrocious. The defense was inspired, but hurt themselves with penalties. And the coaching will be questioned after the Ravens inexcusably lost the lowly Jaguars. At least it only counts as one in the standings.

Chris Korman, Ravens editor: You thought, without question, that the Titans debacle represented this team sinking as low as it could. And then this. A week after all the blather about best this, best that -- and maybe it should be pointed out that the players and coaches don't exactly indulge in such banter -- the Ravens couldn't bother to play with the slightest hint of passion on offense. Ray Lewis, of all players, made it clear that these are the nights when you create your legacy; and while that might not be totally true, these are definitely the nights when you send messages. What does the rest of the league know about the Ravens now? They shy away from bright lights and pressure situations, rallying only when the other team makes mistakes -- and even then not all the time. Not once did the offense show it could be assertive enough to change the way the game was moving. And the Ravens' defense, while very good, isn't yet intimidating enough to win on its own. Now the Ravens face a quick turnaround and will have only a few days to learn whatever they can from whatever that was that happened in Jacksonville. Which is probably a good thing.

Ron Fritz, head of sports: The Ravens failed miserably in all aspects of the game. Even the defense, which played well most of the time, lost its composure in key moments. Are Jack Del Rio and his defensive coordinator that much better than Cam Cameron? The Ravens' offensive coordinator didn't have a clue what the Jaguars were going to do and his quarterback sleep-walked through the entire game. No emotion whatsoever.

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