Cundiff makes no excuses for "worst" field-goal attempt

Kicker had made 10 straight field goals prior to miss on Monday night

October 25, 2011|By Edward Lee

In the grand scheme of things, Billy Cundiff’s miss from 52 yards in the third quarter wouldn’t have turned Monday night’s 12-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Ravens’ favor.

But the kicker wasn’t inclined to give himself a free pass in the locker room beneath Everbank Field in Jacksonville.

“As a Raven, that’s probably my worst one,” said Cundiff, who has made 59-of-70 field goals in three seasons with the Ravens. “It’s a tough situation in the sense that with my position, there’s really no re-do’s. When you get a chance, you’ve got to take advantage of it, and I didn’t.”

Cundiff’s attempt from 52 yards wasn’t even close, straying wide right from the time the ball left his foot.

Asked to walk through the kick, Cundiff said succinctly, “I don’t know how much there is to walk you through. It was awful. Let’s be honest, it was just an awful kick. That’s just the best way to put it.”

All three of Cundiff’s misses this season have been from beyond 50 yards. The last time he failed to convert a field goal in the team’s 37-7 rout of the St. Louis Rams on Sept. 25, he had made 10 consecutive tries prior to Monday night.

That’s why Cundiff said he didn’t think the miss would affect him.

“If you look at the last time I missed, I rattled off [10] in a row,” he said. “I think if anything, it’s frustrating to have a game like this and have a chance to be a positive aspect – especially when the defense holds them to four field goals. To not come through, that is by far the most frustrating thing, and I feel like I’ve let the defense down.”

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