Why aren't schools serving healthier meals?

October 25, 2011

Recently, I was visiting someone in Harford County when I happened to notice their child's school menu on the fridge. It was just disturbing. Listed for the days coming up this week: Chicken nuggets, chicken bites, various pizza items, French fries, fried fish and one item I could identify as healthy — steamed broccoli. It was so sad.

I know in these economic times it is hard to budget and children will often throw healthy items away, but please, chicken bites on a pretzel rod? My child attended school over three decades ago, and I assumed in these more nutrition-conscious times that parents advocated for better food and that schools were trying to eliminate the fatty, empty calorie items.

This should be brought up before the school board. The parents, busy and frazzled as they are in these stressful times, hopefully, will still think that their children deserve better.

Donna Nesbitt, Middle River

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