Grand Prix vs. Baltimore Marathon: A tale of two races

October 25, 2011

Perhaps Baltimore would be better served by focusing on foot races like the recent marathon instead of motor sports such as the Baltimore Grand Prix.

Many contestants entered the highly successful marathon, which raised a considerable amount of money for charity. It also required a minimum amount of preparation and was very environmentally friendly.

By contrast, the IndyCar race required that trees be cut down, streets closed and barricades erected, plus it increased air pollution with the fumes from all those car engines. Moreover, it risked a wreck similar to the one that happened recently at Las Vegas' Indy race, which killed one person and injured 15 others.

All things considered, the marathon was a very positive event that had minimal impact on the city, whereas car racing is dangerous, expensive to operate and has a considerable negative impact on the local environment.

Anne Hackney, Parkton

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