Life 60 years after high school

October 25, 2011


Time magazine recently published an article entitled "Don't Worry, There's Life After High School."

Life 60 years after graduating from Bel Air High School is different than when we were seniors in high school, but it's still life!

Psalms 90, vs. 10 defines our life span as, "The days of years are threescore years and 10 and if by reason of strength they be four score years yet it is soon cut off, and we fly away."

Sixty years after high school and we are in the bonus years of life and we must hasten to complete unfinished dreams and plans. Thinking back to 1951 we have memories of the many changes that have occurred during the past 60 years. Yesterday we were young and strong and smart and good looking and seniors in high school but yesterday is now history and we must live with the us of today. Yesterday I had a head full of jet black hair but now it too is "Gone With The Wind" and I am bald.

Our 60th reunion has come with the speed of a speeding bullet and even Superman is unable to slow time.

What a trip life is, a challenge a day and constant changes. We are a blessed generation, more good opportunities came to us than bad ones, most of us acquired a mate, a home, children, vehicles, a good job, friends, etc. Challenges and changes also caused us fear. Fear of fear, fear of getting old, going broke, having a stroke, getting fat, going bald, losing our job, fear of dying, etc. and the never ending question of "why are we here"?

"Hush Songs" helped me to deal with my fears. "Hush Songs" helped calm my fears, gave me hope and helped me sleep throughout the night. I remember a cradling mother and a caring providing father and other loving people who taught me the sweet, sweet, sounds and words and meaning of "Hush Songs." Words of one of my favorite hush songs are: "Summertime and the living is easy, fish are a jumping and the cotton is high, your daddy's rich and your maw's good looking, SO HUSH little baby don't you cry. One of these morning you're going to rise up singing and you'll take your flight to the sky, but until that morning nothing can harm you with Daddy and Momma by your side."

Reflections of this memory as old as the throbbing beat of my heart, as quieting as the sound of gentle falling rain, as sweet as a mother's kiss. Hush Songs of sweet melodies of calm assurance so that we can know we are going to be all right. Knowing that we can live one day at a time and that today's problems can be dealt with! One day at a time-yes we can!

If we have no musical training, if we can't read music notes, if we can't play a musical instrument we can still sing! An emotion rising from within us, the sound of hope and freedom and peace moving free through the air. When fear and doubts come upon us this emotion deep within us can burst forth in a "Hush Song" that will help us overcome our doubts and fears. "WE SHALL OVERCOME!"

Recently Eddie Phillips, one of my high school classmates told me of his "Hush Song Experience". Eddie's wife lived with Alzheimer's for three years. Eddie's sister-in-law became afflicted with Alzheimer's and went to live in a care home. Eddie went to visit and took his guitar along. He was told to take his sister-in-law to a room at the end of the hall and sing to her. Half way down the hall the sister-in-law stopped and stared at Eddie and said, "I'm not going with you, I'm not that kind of girl!" The care giver came and Eddie was able to play his guitar and sing his "Hush Song". Eddie continues to share his "Hush Songs" with others and continues to hope for miracles.

Today's music may be foreign to our understanding however we have learned our Hush Songs from the world's best teachers, the voice of experience that we have acquired through the trials in our lives and the blows and hardships we have overcome. We may be unable to learn "new tricks" but we can share what we have learned from experience. What is more important, what is more valuable than a proven old friend?

Most of us can recall when we were young children and being held and someone was singing to us. A time of comfort and security when our imaginations were set free and we could ride on a rocking horse, we could see a spider going up the water spout, we could see the twinkling little stars, and sometimes we would catch a glimpse of an angel fluttering over us. Magic moments, smelling a sweet fragrance, feeling a power of sweet love all around us and then the singing would stop, the magic moments would disappear, but we would be left with "Hush Song" memories that would last a life time.

Sixty years after high school and still remembering the magic moments and angels in our lives.

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