Comments still spilling over

October 25, 2011


In response to Mr. Shaffer [regarding the spill of sewage into the Chesapeake Bay during recent heavy rain], my response to Mr. Hynes [of the Harford County Department of Public Works] performance was to the information provided by Mr. Hynes.

Again, to describe allowing any overflow of the magnitude of 263,000 gallons to spill into the environment, including the Bush River, as excellent is indefensible.

I applaud your efforts sir, but the system is inadequate as I alluded to, not your attempt to do your job.

I did not hear of anyone from Baltimore County or City describe their efforts of overflow control as excellent or adequate. Any overflow is neither, that is the point sir.

We have reached a point that what we have left as pristine or near pristine or within acceptable limits must be protected and not excused.

We protect the Bay and the environment on one end and destroy it on the other.

I am sure your superiors appreciate your loyalty and defense but again Sir it is indefensible.

Again another point you missed or ignored is the fact that the system is beyond its designed limits. If Harford County used the designated flush tax for upgrades instead of allowing new building it would not be necessary for you to work in conditions you have described. Perhaps these facts are something you should explore.

One thing you are absolutely right about is I did have enough sense to stay out of the rain.

Charles Bayne

Rumsey Island


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