Goodbye for now

October 25, 2011|Liz F. Kay

A little more than nine years ago, I moved to Mount Vernon. It was great, although at first I'd occasionally want to go to Rite Aid --- the one in the island near State Center complex, at the north end of Martin Luther King Blvd. --- and drive around and around in circles and never find it.

Other times, I would try to go home, take a wrong turn and find myself at the Rite Aid, which I knew was not going to help me navigate to my apartment.

I nicknamed it the Bermuda Triangle.

But last month, I was headed to an address on W. Read Street and figured out that you could drive south on Howard St. and take several right turns through the Maryland General Hospital complex to get there.

I finally had done it --- mastered the Bermuda Triangle. Too bad this level of comprehension came only a few weeks before it was time to me to move.

After covering night meetings in nearly every suburban bureau, answering the main newsroom line as night rewrite reporter and traversing city and county byways searching for Watchdog candidates, I got pretty comfortable with how things work here. I also got to observe how some amazing journalists practice their craft.

By the end of my stay, I could regale tourists during man-on-the-street interviews with tidbits of the Civil War history of President Street Station and tales of the giant revolving blue pill bottle that used to be at the top of the Bromo Seltzer Tower. (Those Yankees fans probably had even more reason to wish their games had not been hurricaned out, after I was done talking to them.)

I'm terribly sad to be leaving Baltimore. And I'm sad to be giving up the chance to work alongside the great journalists that still chronicle what’s going on in this city. But my poor husband moved to New England months ago for a great job and has been patiently waiting for me (and our couch) to join him.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

--- Liz F. Kay

P.S. Both the Consuming Interests blog and Watchdog will continue.   

P.P.S. Please stay in touch! I'm @lfkay on Twitter.

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