Obrycki's: Thirteen days to go

October 24, 2011|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

You have 13 days left to go to Obrykci's.

Obrycki's, a bona fide Baltimore dining institution has always closed down sometime around the first week of November, when the crab supply ran out. But when the Pratt Street doors shut after the dinner service on Saturday, Nov. 5, it will be for good.

Announcing the closure last December, the Cernak family said that they would focus their efforts on Obycki's mail-order business as well as the small year-round restaurants that they have opened in airports in Baltimore and Cleveland. The family is also planning to open a restaurant in the planned slots partlor near Arundel Mills mall. 

The Cernak purchased the original 1944 Obrycki's crab house in 1976 and relocated it across Pratt Street to its current spot.

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