More Towson University news should be in Towson Times


October 24, 2011

As a longtime resident of Towson, and a graduate of Towson State College (now Towson University), it disturbs me each week to read your paper and see so little of what is going on at TU.

This is a "major" university, well-regarded throughout the country. There are many, many cultural, educational and athletic events occurring daily and weekly on campus. I searched this week's edition of the Towson Times, and only in the "calendar" section was there a small paragraph about a writers' conference.

You do an insulting disservice to Towson University by so blatantly ignoring them. If you are the Towson Times, you must do more to include some news about this university.

I wonder, as well, if anything is going on at our other institution of higher learning in Towson — Goucher College.

Fred Ray


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