People must rise up to stop the political deck-stacking

Letter to the editor

October 24, 2011

Maryland's state leaders have redrawn the state's congressional districts yet again in an attempt to give the Democratic Party an edge. Already known for its gerrymandered districts, Maryland further contributes to the denigration of the democratic process.

The problem lies in the fact that Maryland's leaders don't understand the purpose of these districts. All they care about is what party leaders tell them: "party first, state second." These leaders, who come from both parties, care more about power than actually doing what is right.

But what is the purpose of a congressional district? Its purpose is to represent a group of people in the House from the same geographical areas.

But our "leaders" don't understand. They continue to draw district lines such as the 2nd, 3rd and 6th districts, which are completely gerrymandered, not representing people in the same areas. They are drawn to divide Republican votes for more Democratic victories.

Unfortunately, these problems will not be addressed. Democratic leaders put too much priority into winning and not enough into being good leaders. It is left to the common citizen to discuss these problems, but unless good candidates from either party take over, nothing will ever change.

Matthew Dragonette


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