Obama and the Occupation

October 23, 2011

I watched shaking my head as Vice President Joe Biden pleaded with Republicans to pass the bill funding police, firefighters and teachers' jobs. But it was only last week that the administration had $20 billion on hand left over from the first stimulus, and it was rushing to find green companies worthy of investing in.

Are these the best political minds this country has to offer? This is the same administration that encourages and embraces the Wall Street occupiers who have cost cities across the country millions of dollars in police overtime pay.

One moment they are telling liberal demonstrators to keep doing what they're doing, hoping their protests will blossom into a left-wing backlash against the tea party. The next minute they're accusing Republicans of being indifferent to crime for not passing a spending bill that pays for their little political movement.

This administration has become a theater of the absurd. What's frightening is that the liberal pundits seem to be applauding everything it does as some sort of brilliant political strategy. It's ridiculous.

Fred Pasek, Frederick

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